"Simple Japanese Skincare Secrets that Deliver a Clear, Glowing Complexion" Well+Good, June 8, 2018


All-natural skincare is trendy and growing in popularity in the US, but for Japanese women simplicity of ingredients has always been a core principle. “Japanese women appreciate the proven results of simple, natural ingredients,” explains Sharif, who notes that DHC was founded on the principle of delivering antioxidant skin solutions.


"Why 'patting' is the Japanese skincare technique you need to knowStylist, April 12, 2018

“Japanese skin care is all about rituals and traditions. It’s a beautiful and luxurious part of the day that is about treating yourself. It’s about taking the time to really enjoy the moment and take care of your skin,” explains Amanne Sharif, Communications Manager at Japanese skincare brand DHC.


"J-beauty is the new K-beauty, but what does it actually do?The Pool, March 19, 2018

“Japanese women don’t have lots of products on the go at the same time – they have a structured ritual, which is performed morning and evening,” says Amanne Sharif, communications manager at Japanese skincare brand DHC. Where you can expect a K-beauty-inspired routine to reach anything up to 10 steps, J-beauty is a far more managable four, as Sharif explains: “A double cleanse is followed with a lotion (or toner, as we call it in the West), an essence (serum) and then a milk (moisturiser).” 

"The secrets to flawless Japanese skin we can all try" Friday Magazine, January 25, 2018

“In Japan, the attitude towards achieving healthy-looking skin is to spend time and care. This beauty philosophy isn’t about covering up what we deem flaws; it’s about a long tradition of self-care rituals that have been practiced by millions of women”, adds Amanne Sharif, Communications Manager for DHC – one of Japan’s top beauty brands. “Following a consistent skincare regimen, of high-quality ingredients, you can achieve beautiful, radiant skin.”

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A World of Beauty” Women’s Health UK, November 2017

“[Japanese] culture has ancient traditions of ‘minimalism, simplicity, and respect for nature’s power,” says Amanne Sharif of leading Japanese brand DHC. ‘One of our favourite ingredients, astaxanthin, is produced from freshwater algae and delivers potent antioxidant levels around 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C, to brighten skin and protect against free radical damage.”

Out Damned Spot!” Women’s Way UK, October 2017

Amanne Sharif of DHC Skincare advises caution when using strong ingredients.

“Brightening products can range anywhere from bleaching products to melanin suppressors that help inhibit the production of melanin. Bleaching products use ingredients that truly bleach the skin to minimise darkness. However, they can be dangerous, can cause hypersensitivity and be harsh on the skin. Any products that compromise the skin’s natural moisture barrier should be avoided.”

She also points out that other items in your beauty regime could pave the way to pigmented skin if proper care isn’t taken. “While using products that exfoliate, such as AHAs, BHAs or retinols, one should use broad spectrum sun protection, as well as products that are rich in antioxidants, moisture, and calming properties.”



Men’s Toner: What Are They And You Be Using One?”, September 15, 2017

“Most importantly, toners help balance the skin’s natural pH level, prepping it for a serum and moisturiser,” explains Amanne Sharif from Japanese cosmetic giant DHC. “Regardless of your skin type or concern, your skin will appreciate the use of an effective toner.”

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